Sanity is for Sissies

So at the end of it all, do you know what I’ve learned? I’ve learned it takes someone strong. someone fierce. someone just crazy brave enough to make it through this thing called Borderline Personality Disorder. That feeling we all so desperately desire- ‘sanity’… it’s for sissies. because it’s the insanity of an invisible illness that takes strength. & courage. sanity requires very little of you. but being part crazy takes a ferocity that most simply can’t endure. so remember that the next time you feel weak in your illness.. remember: sanity is for sissies. we, on the other hand, are the fierce fighters of this world. we are the ones to watch out for. so don’t give up. not yet. not today. YOU are strong. & YOU are fierce. and YOU are loved. not only by God himself but by me too. because we are in this together- no matter who you are- i’m here for you. && I promise not to ever stop fighting. so don’t you dare stop either.